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Create a color palette by extracting colors from an image

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What is Color Palette Extractor?

Color Palette Extractor is a free online tool for extracting a dominant color from an image and building a color palette matching the image theme.

You may extract colors from any picture file (JPG, PNG, etc.). Simply drop the image file in the area above and a color palette will be built using the colors present in the image.

How to use Color Palette Extractor?

  • To extract colors, drag & drop or select an image from your local system onto the canvas above.
  • The image's dominant colors will be retrieved and displayed above.
  • The HEX value of up to ten colors from the image is displayed.
  • To copy the color value in HEX, click the color block.
  • You can manually copy values to the clipboard if your browser does not enable transferring values to the clipboard via script.


  • color: 🌈 Javascript color conversion and manipulation library.
  • Color Thief: Grab the color palette from an image using just Javascript.


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