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Darken/Lighten Step: 10%
Total Shades: 8±

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What is Online Color Shades Generator?

Color Shades Generator is a free online application that allows you to create a hue palette from the shades of a single color. You can easily adjust the step size and step count to suit your needs.

When designing a user interface (UI) or creating a website, it's better to use shades of color rather than random colors to provide users a more holistic perspective.

It will give uniformity between your pages if you declare these colors as parameters in your theme and use them on your project. Otherwise, it will be difficult to keep your color pallet under control.

Using a lighter or darker shade of color on hover effects, box-shadows, borders, and many UI elements may be advantageous since it provides the design a more natural look and makes all parts look complementary and fit together like a jigsaw piece.

How to use Online Color Shades Generator?

Following these instructions will let you generate color shades and create color palettes from a reference color.

  1. Choose a reference color that will be lightened and darkened to create all of the hues.
  2. Determine the darken/lighten ratio to be used in each phase. The lower the value, the closer the colors will be.
  3. You can alter the step count to get a different amount of colors in your color shades pallet. If you set it to 3, for example, it will generate three lighter and three darker hues based on the main color.
  4. Details for any color in the list will appear when you click on it. As a result, you can duplicate any color from there.


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