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    What is Online Browser Detector and how does it work?

    Browser Checker is a free online application that tells you what browser and operating system you're using. We detect the user's browser and operating system by parsing the User-Agent string and utilizing the Platform.js module. There is also more information regarding the browser's capabilities shown.

    This data is useful for a Web Developer or Technical Support staff member who needs to learn more about their client's system. You can also download a PDF copy of the entire report to share with others.

    How to use Online Browser Detector?

    • A report is generated automatically, displaying your OS version, browser version, IP address, and other information.
    • You may also see if your browser is running programs like JavaScript, Silverlight, Flash, or Java.
    • To download the report in JSON format, click the Download as JSON option.
    • Or, to download the report in CSV format, click the Download as CSV option.
    • Because the report is user-specific, sharing the webpage link will not distribute the report.
    • We don't keep any of your data, and everything is done through your browser.


    • Platform.js: A platform detection package for almost all JavaScript platforms.


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