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Color Tools

Change Color Hue

Change the color's hue

Color Mixer

Combine two colors in different proportions

Color Palette Extractor

Create a color palette by extracting colors from an image

Color Shades Generator

Obtain many hues of a color

Darken Color

Get darker shades of the color

Desaturate Color

Reduce the saturation of a color

Dull Color Generator

Make a bunch of drab colors at random

Dynamic Color converter

Convert colors between different formats

HEX to RGBA converter

Color conversion from HEX to RGBA

Lighten Color

Get lighter shades of the color

Material Color Generator

Create a variety of material colors at random

Pastel Color Generator

Generate random pastel colors

Random Color Generator

Generate random colors

RGBA to HEX converter

Convert RGBA to HEX color

Saturate Color

Saturate a color with it

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