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What is Online Color Mixer?

Color Mixer is a free online tool for blending two colors and determining the interpolated colors that exist only between them.

You can either enter a HEX color or an RGBA color with opacity as an input, and the tool will interpolate the blended color. By mixing these HTML colors, it finds the color that is halfway between these two.

You can modify the ratio value, which is used to combine the two colors using the following formula:

color1.mix(color2, ratio);

How to use Online Color Shades Generator?

By following these methods, you can combine two colors and obtain the color code for the combined colors.

  1. Choose two colors that you'd want to combine. It might be a solid color or a transparent color.
  2. Decide on the ratio value. It defines ratio as a two-color combination.
  3. The color information will display the results immediately.


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