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What is HSL Colors?

HSL color values are supported in IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera 10+.

HSL stands for hue, saturation, and lightness.

HSL color values are specified with: hsl(hue, saturation, lightness).


Hue is a number that ranges from 0 to 360 on the color wheel. 0 represents red, 120 represents green, and 240 represents blue.


Saturation is expressed as a percentage. A shade of gray is 0 percent, while a full color is 100 percent.


The percentage of lightness is likewise a percentage. 0% of the population is black, whereas 100% of the population is white.

What is Saturate Color Tool?

Saturate Color is a free online tool for saturating color in RGB, HEX, HSL, or HSV formats.

How to use Saturate Color Tool?

  • In the textbox above, type a color value in any format (RGB, HEX, RGBA, HSL, HSV, etc.)
    • Alternatively, you can choose your color using the color picker.
    • Or, to receive a new random color, click Get a random color.
  • Use the slider to choose the degree of saturation (in percent) for the supplied color.
  • The saturation of a color, as well as its value, will be automatically adjusted in various formats.
  • Copy the saturated color's value in HEX, RGB, HSL, or HSV by clicking on it.
  • The value will be copied to your clipboard straight.
  • You can manually copy values to the clipboard if your browser does not enable transferring values to the clipboard via script.


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