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What are Dull Colors?

A dull color is a color that is dull and bland in appearance and does not clash with other design components. The color is dulled by combining it with black or gray and reducing the saturation of the hue slightly.

Dull colors are ideal for elements that need to be muted, less distracting, or simple and subtle.

What is the Dull Color Generator?

Dull Color Generator is a free online application that generates random dull colors in HEX, RGB, HSL, and HSV formats.

Every time the page is loaded, a new random dull color is generated; alternatively, the Random Dull Color button can be used to generate a new random dull color without reloading the page.

How to generate Dull Colors?

We start with a random color to create a random dull color. Then we combine this random hue with a black shade and reduce saturation slightly. We generate a random dull color by combining these three stages, which you can then translate to your own format, such as HEX or RGB.

Below is a pseudo-code that you can use in any language of your choice to implement:

random_color = { r: Random(0, 255), g: Random(0, 255), b: Random(0, 255) }

dull_color = random_color.mix( black ).desaturate( 10% )

How to use Dull Color Generator?

  • Each time you load this page, a fresh dull color will be produced for you.
  • You may also use the Get a random dull color button to get a random dull color.
  • Copy the value of the selected color in HEX, RGB, HSL, or HSV by clicking it.
  • The value will be copied to your clipboard straight.
  • You can manually copy values to the clipboard if your browser does not enable transferring values to the clipboard via script.


  • color: 🌈 Javascript color conversion and manipulation library.


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