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Image Resizer

Resize any image to the required width and height, whether or not the aspect ratio is preserved

Multiple Whitespace Remover

Multiple whitespaces and line breaks are removed from a text, as well as unwanted characters

Text to Handwriting Converter

Convert your text to handwriting using the paper type and ink color of your choice

Keycode Table

All key codes and their accompanying data are listed in a table

Keycode Info

What keys correspond to which keycodes?

Word Counter

Count words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs in a text

Text on Image Writer

Online tool to add text on images and save it in JPG or PNG format

Solid Color Image Generator

Create a single JPG or PNG file with a solid color image

Gradient Color Image Generator

Create a JPG or PNG file with a gradient color image

Memorable Password Generator

Create passwords that are both strong and easy to remember

Secure Password Generator

Create long and safe passwords using alphanumeric characters

Markdown Editor

Markdown editor online with real-time preview

Image Cropper

Easily crop images and download in JPG or PNG format

Dummy Text Generator

Create dummy text for lorem ipsum in HTML, markdown, or plain text


Online CSV to JSON converter


Online JSON to CSV converter

CAGR Calculator

Calculate Compound Annual Growth Rate and its components

Hourly Rate Calculator

Calculate hourly rate based on annual salary and working time

Phone QR Code Generator

Create a QR code for your phone

Twitter QR Code Generator

Create a Twitter QR code

Bitcoin QR Code Generator

Create a Bitcoin QR code

Wifi QR Code Generator

Wifi QR code generator

QR Code Decoder

Decode the information of a QR code from a picture

SMS QR Code Generator

Generate QR code for SMS

Email QR Code Generator

Create a QR code for an email

VCard QR Code Generator

Create a QR code for a vCard

URL QR Code Generator

Create a QR code for a URL

Text QR Code Generator

Create a QR code for your text

JSON Tree Viewer

Display JSON in a tree view and syntax highlighting

CSS Box Shadow Generator

Create box shadows with CSS code

Browser Detector

Examine the browser you're using

Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber

Get all of a Vimeo video's thumbnail pictures

Youtube Thumbnail Grabber

Get all of a YouTube video's thumbnail pictures

Color Palette Extractor

Create a color palette by extracting colors from an image

Material Color Generator

Create a variety of material colors at random

Dull Color Generator

Make a bunch of drab colors at random

Pastel Color Generator

Generate random pastel colors

Random Color Generator

Generate random colors

Desaturate Color

Reduce the saturation of a color

Saturate Color

Saturate a color with it

Lighten Color

Get lighter shades of the color

Darken Color

Get darker shades of the color

Change Color Hue

Change the color's hue

Color Mixer

Combine two colors in different proportions

Color Shades Generator

Obtain many hues of a color

Dynamic Color converter

Convert colors between different formats

RGBA to HEX converter

Convert RGBA to HEX color

HEX to RGBA converter

Color conversion from HEX to RGBA

Image to Base64 converter

Convert images to base64 strings

Case converter

Convert text to a variety of scenarios

Complete Tools

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