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How Does Secure Password Generator Work?

Secure Password Generator creates strong and long passwords that can be used to sign up for online services. A secure password is made up of a huge number of symbols, numbers, and lowercase and uppercase letters. You can also make a password that is longer or shorter depending on your security requirements.

The password generator creates a one-of-a-kind and random password for you. You can create as many passwords as you wish, knowing that they will be generated at random and will be unique to you. For enhanced protection, we recommend using a password that is longer than 15 characters.

Types of Passwords Generated

As mentioned below, our secure password generator can produce four different sorts of passwords:

The password examples provided here are intended for demonstration purposes and should not be used.

Strong Password (Alphanumeric with special characters)

This is the strongest form of a password that contains all alphanumeric characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) including special characters (!@#$%^&*()_+~, etc.). The following is an example of a strong alphanumeric password containing special characters:


Alphanumeric Password

Special characters are not permitted in passwords on some websites. You might select to build a strong password using only alphanumeric characters in such circumstances. The following is an example:


Phrase Password

A phrase password is made up of several English phrases that maintain the password length extended in order to boost security. The following is an example of a phrase password:

paradigm elated warlock overwork

Phrase Password with special characters

You can add special characters to a phrase password to make it more secure. While this makes it more difficult to remember, it is still an excellent habit to develop. As an example, consider the following:


You should use a password manager to store your passwords and generate secure passwords that are longer and contain special characters.

Use the memorable password generator to create a more memorable yet secure password.

Is it safe to generate a password online?

It is secure to use our online password generator because none of the passwords produced on our site are saved or shared with other users. Never create a password on a website that requests your user id or the website where you will be using the password.

What should be the length of a secure password?

For added protection, we recommend using a password of at least 15 characters.

Can I re-use a secure password on multiple sites?

Not. That isn't guaranteed by a strong password. On each site, you must use a different password. Otherwise, if one website is hacked and your password is leaked, all of your accounts on other websites will be compromised as well.

How to Use Secure Password Generator?

  • On page load, a safe, strong, and unique password will be generated automatically.
  • Use the Copy Password button to copy the safe password.
  • The default choice is to generate a secure password of 15 characters long, consisting of alphabets, numbers, and special characters.
  • You can choose between alphanumeric, phrases, and phrases with special characters as your password type.
  • For password generation, you may additionally choose the character length or word length (in the case of phrases).
  • The password length can range from 3 to 255 characters or words.
  • You may want to remember the generated password with a password manager because you will not be able to retrieve it from this site.
  • We don't keep any of the passwords we generate, and everything is done in your browser.


  • passhelp: No-nonsense password generation tool and library.


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