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How does Online Word Counter work?

Online Word counter allows you to count the number of words, characters, and sentences in your written text. This tool will display the count of words, characters, white spaces, sentences, and paragraphs automatically in your text.

We'll also help you figure out how long it will take you to read your work at a speed of 275 words per minute. We also show a readability index, which indicates how difficult it is to understand your material. All of these are beneficial while writing a blog post, a news article, or an essay.

The most frequently used keywords in your text are also highlighted, along with their total number of appearances. When you're optimizing your content for search engines or trying to avoid overusing particular words in your writing, this will come in helpful.

Without the need for software like Microsoft Word, online word counters can count text in real-time inside your browser. Counting words and characters comes in handy when you need to achieve a specific word length criterion in your writing.

How to use Online Word Counter?

  • In the section above, type your text content.
  • A count of the number of words, characters, whitespaces, sentences, and paragraphs will be presented automatically.
  • The reading time is calculated using a 275-word-per-minute reading pace.
  • The Automated readability index is used to determine readability.
  • The top six most often used terms in the article will also be displayed. Stop words are not included.
  • We don't save any of your data because everything is handled on the client side.



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