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Multiple Whitespace Remover

Multiple whitespaces and line breaks are removed from a text, as well as unwanted characters

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What is Online Multiple Whitespace Remover?

Multiple Whitespace Remover is a free online tool for deleting multiple whitespaces and line breaks from a text. This tool will make your life simpler if you have a long text with many double or multiple whitespaces, undesirable multiple line breaks, and untrimmed lines.

Before publishing a large text, it is sometimes necessary to modify it. It may be painful to manually delete unneeded spaces and line breaks from these sentences. By substituting several whitespaces and line breaks with a single one, the Online Multiple Whitespace Remover will remove all unneeded characters for you.

If you have large gaps between words and paragraphs that make your content look strange and difficult to read, you should go through each word one by one and manually eliminate any unneeded characters. You may also use this tool to automatically remove several spaces from a string or text.

How to use Online Multiple Whitespace Remover?

By following these instructions, you can remove several unneeded spaces and line breaks and merge them into a single character.

  • First, paste your string or text into the processing text section.
  • Select Remove Multiple Spaces from the drop-down menu.
  • Using the Copy button, you can copy the cleared text to your clipboard.


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