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Resize any image to the required width and height, whether or not the aspect ratio is preserved

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What is Online Image Resizer?

Image Resizer is a free online application for resizing images in a variety of formats, including JPG/JPEG, PNG, SVG, and others. If you have a large raw image or an image that is too large for the location where it will be used, you must resize it to improve efficiency. Image resizing is a useful method for optimizing and increasing page load times.

If your design has an avatar section with a pixel size of 100x100, but you have a 300x300 image, you can still use it in that area, but your page load time will be longer. If you use the '100x100px' picture in this space, the page will load significantly faster. A basic image resizing comparison can be found below. By optimizing your image size, you can save roughly 70% in this circumstance.

You can either increase or decrease the size of your image. If you scale down your image, it will always be fine; but, if you scale up your image and utilize it at its full width, you may experience quality concerns. Keep in mind that scaling an image without sacrificing quality necessitates extra effort, and you'll need to employ AI or other methods to fill the interpolated areas.

How to use Online Image Resizer?

Following these instructions will allow you to resize photos.

  • To begin, submit the image to be resized. JPG/JPEG, PNG, and other popular image formats can be resized.
  • You can enter the image's width or height here. If Preserve Aspect Ratio is selected, the width and height are calculated automatically. If you uncheck the box, your image may be distorted, and you may obtain unexpected results. As a result, maintaining the ratio is a useful practice for image stability.
  • After you've picked your preferred image width and height, click the Resize option.
  • To download the resized image, click the Download button.
  • Simply click the Revert button to return to the original size.


  • jimp: An image processing library written entirely in JavaScript for Node, with zero external or native dependencies.


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