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Why do I need to generate a QR Code for the Wifi?

There was no other method to join a WiFi network before this without explicitly selecting one from a list and entering a password. You can now create a QR Code that allows you to connect to a WiFi network simply by pointing your camera at it or scanning it with a QR Code reader using our generator.

What's even better? The QR Code generated by our WiFi QR Code generator is entirely free to use, and it will never expire (unless the settings on your router change). You may simply share your WiFi with friends, family, and clients if you own a business using a WiFi QR Code.

My WiFi network is hidden, can I still create a QR Code?

Absolutely. In our WiFi QR Code generator, select the Hidden checkbox next to the network name field.

If your network is not hidden and you'd like to make it so, consult your device's manual or look up how to hide your network on most modern routers.

Which security protocol do I need for my WiFi? WPA/WPA2, WEP, or None?

The most secure option is WPA/WPA2, which is also the default setting for most WiFi access points. Always choose this option if you are unsure. None indicates that your WiFi is unencrypted and accessible to anybody.

What information is stored in a WiFi QR Code?

If they're configured correctly in no particular order, your QR Code reader will be able to scan and identify the WiFi QR Code, for example:

  • T: Authentication type, can be WEP, WPA, nopass or even leave empty "" for no password.
  • S: Network SSID - required, example: MyNetworkName.
  • P: Password - ignored if T is left blank, example: ThisIsMyPassword.
  • H: Is hidden? (optional) - True if the network SSID is hidden.

How do I join a WiFi network with a QR Code?

Simply open the camera app on your smartphone and hold it over the Code to test your newly-created Code or to see if you've encountered one. You should receive a notice inviting you to join to the wireless network.

If this doesn't work, make sure the QR Code scanning feature is turned on in your settings. Is your computer still not working? Then all you have to do is go to your smartphone's app store and download a third-party QR Code scanner.

Reasons for using Wifi QR Code

Friends and family

It's difficult to walk each visitor through the settings of your WiFi when they come to visit. To begin, advise them to choose your network from a list, say the password aloud, and double-check that they're connected on the first try (which, for some reason, rarely happens). You can just show them a WiFi QR Code and have them scan it to connect to the network.

Airbnbs or rentals

It's a good idea to use a WiFi QR Code to share the network if you're running an Airbnb or any other rental property. Your guests can connect to the network by scanning the QR Code rather than typing a password. This manner, their stay and experience will be enhanced, and they will leave a lasting impression.

Restaurants or cafes

Let's face it, most guests will inquire for your restaurant's or cafe's WiFi password. But wouldn't it be better if it was just a QR Code on their tables, the wall, or even on their receipts? Customers will be able to scan and connect without having to ask for the WiFi password every time.

Government offices

Let's alter that. Government offices and WiFi don't generally go together, so let's change that. These offices (we're looking at you, DMV) have notoriously long queues. Why not cushion the impact by allowing people to connect to your WiFi and surf the web while they wait? You may effortlessly share your WiFi network on your waiting number ticket using our WiFi QR Code.

Hospitals or clinics

It might be stressful to wait in a hospital or clinic. When you're overworked and understaffed, the internet can be a great method to keep your patients and their families occupied. You may quickly share the WiFi network and have people scan it in the waiting area without bothering any staff members by using a WiFi QR Code.

Cities (tourism offices, public parks, meeting spots)

Adding WiFi to public spaces in a city makes it more appealing to tourists and locals to visit and hang out. They may connect quickly to verify navigation, examine points of interest, and share images of your lovely sites on social media. Place WiFi QR Codes on signs, lampposts, and even benches where people are likely to rest and relax so that they can simply connect to the internet and search for more things to see and do in your city.

What is Online Wifi QR Code Generator?

QR Code Generator is a free online tool that allows you to create QR codes. "Quick Response Code" is the abbreviation for "Quick Response Code." The QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that was initially utilized in the Japanese car sector in 1994.

Its great data storage capacity makes it preferred among other barcode kinds. QR Codes may contain any text-type data, but they've recently become popular for storing links.

Although QR Codes have various applications, they are most commonly used to provide links to websites and mobile applications on the Google Play and Apple Stores.

Aside from that, you can use them to generate vCards (Mobile Contact Cards), send e-mails, make or receive payments, and so on.

Smartphones can scan QR codes either natively or through third-party software. If you require a QR Code Scanner, look on the mobile markets.

QR codes are made up of black squares on a white backdrop. The more text there is, the more squares there are. As the text grows longer, the squares become smaller and smaller.

How to use Online Wifi QR Code Generator?

Following these steps will allow you to create a QR code.

  • Fill in all text fields with the appropriate Wifi details to generate a QR Code.
  • You can make a QR code by pressing the Create QR Code button, or you can reset all text fields by using the Reset button.
  • You can change the following to customize the QR code:
    • Color: background color or/and foreground color.
    • Render As: SVG or PNG.
    • Logo: include a logo in the center of the QR code by using a logo URL or uploading your own.
  • To restore the default state of the QR code, use the Reset button.
  • You may save the QR code as an image by pressing the Download button (SVG or PNG).



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