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What about Vimeo Platform?

Vimeo is a video-sharing website that was founded in 2004. Vimeo is similar to YouTube in that it focuses on artistic videos such as movies, television shows, documentaries, and music videos. People prefer Vimeo for corporate videos because it has a more professional community than YouTube.

It is well renowned for being the first web-based media platform to support the display of 4K (Ultra HD) material. This makes the company stand out from the competition and attracts corporate companies and professionals to use the site for showreels, advertisements, trailers, and other similar objectives.

Another feature that distinguishes the platform is its professional plans. You can utilize your branding and modify the player with your brand's colors and identity if you are a paid customer. Companies that do not want to stream material on their website but yet want to use it with their brand frequently employ this option.

With all of these features, it is one of the most popular YouTube alternatives, with millions of monthly visitors. According to Alexa statistics, it is one of the most popular websites.

Vimeo is Switzerland for creators, according to the company's CEO. It reveals a lot about the platform's perspective and mission. They are competing on the basis of quality rather than quantity.

What is Online Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber?

Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber is a free online tool for downloading thumbnail images for Vimeo videos in various resolutions. It's a downloader for Vimeo thumbnails.

A thumbnail is a representation of a video. It gives the user their initial impression of the video, which is critical because users often decide whether or not to click on the content by looking at these images. To enhance the click rate, attractive and engaging images are preferable. It's normally shown in a player, but it's also used in search results.

The thumbnail is normally presented in a tiny size, however thumbnails come in a variety of sizes depending on the usage region. If it's utilized in a result list, there will be multiple on the screen at once, with a smaller one being used. If there is just one full-size embedded player on the page, the larger one will be used as a cover.

You may require them for a variety of purposes, including incorporating it in your designs or as a cover or poster. Because, unlike YouTube, the ID of the video and thumbnail are not similar, it is not possible to extract it directly even if you know the URL format. To access results, you must use the API endpoint and retrieve the metadata from there.

Vimeo uses the same image as a thumbnail for different solutions when uploading a new movie, and the size of the image is set with a URL parameter. If you use Vimeo's API to acquire information about a video, you'll get a collection of thumbnails, but the maximum width is 640px, which isn't enough in most applications. Vimeo videos may require HD thumbnails.

This Vimeo thumbnail downloader, in contrast to API results, provides HD thumbnails of Vimeo videos. The resolutions that are currently available are listed below. You can then instantly capture HD photos of the same media.

  • X-Large (HD): 1920x1080px
  • Large: 1280x720px
  • Medium: 640x360px
  • Small: 320x180px
  • X-Small #1: 240x135px
  • X-Small #2: 200x150px
  • X-Small #3: 100x75px

The Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber supports a wide range of Vimeo URL structures, including ordinary video URLs, videos with channel URLs, and videos with group URLs. If you want to download Vimeo video photos, you can use any of the URL formats listed below. For these three different types, it will automatically recognize the URL and get the ID.


How to use Online Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber?

Following these procedures will allow you to obtain Vimeo thumbnails.

  • Type in the URL of the Vimeo video you want thumbnails for.
  • If the URL is for a valid Vimeo video, it will automatically grab the thumbnails. If you don't, you'll get a warning.
  • You can copy the thumbnail URL by pressing Copy URL, or you can download it by pressing Download.


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